New Art Submission!

2013-09-18 03:55:04 by DiskG

Well I got my entry done for Jazza's contest go take a look if you want.

Well It's been while since I've done something in flash. Working on something now, to keep the boredom away.


2012-10-18 20:54:05 by DiskG

Let's see what we can whip up...

I might get back into flash..

2012-04-10 02:03:47 by DiskG

I'm 50/50 on getting back on animating, but I am a little rusty on action scripting, not to mention I need drawing skills, but practice makes perfect. Welp, time to look for animation tutorials...

Mushroom Mania

2008-10-13 21:57:55 by DiskG

I felt like I accomplished something today. I finally completed a flash movie.